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The People Space helps me think about complexity, paradox and ambiguity in the workplace by collating, synthesizing and sharing cutting edge thinking in a succinct way through easy-to-access resources.

Andy Dodman

Chief Human Resource Officer
Leeds City Council

Does this sound like you?

I need to better understand the new technologies and trends affecting work


Do you know your AI from your agile? Do bots terrify rather than tantalise you? Is data more daunting than dazzling? Digitisation is dramatically changing business models, customer interaction and stakeholder expectations. You know you need to better understand digital HR and the ‘future of work’ – the new technologies, business and HR models, digital transformation and changing work patterns that are impacting work right now. But you don't know where to start

I struggle to find time to invest in myself and am overwhelmed by all the clutter out there

You know continuous learning is today’s critical factor to survive and thrive. But you're struggling to stay on top of the day-to-day tasks you need to handle and are worried you're being left behind when it comes to upskilling yourself. You've spent countless hours searching through the gigabytes of content vying for your attention but find it hard to cut through the clutter to find the right information to help you. You know you should widen your network. But you feel that there’s just no time.

I am interested in the digital changes but am unsure how it impacts me and my organisation


Being yesterday’s compliance function no longer cuts it. Today’s HR is agile, data-driven, digital, employee- and customer-centric and business focused.You recognise the speed of change in the workplace but are unsure how new trends and technologies will impact your organisation and people function. You know you need to help your HR team prioritise correctly for the new working world. Is your HR driving change or being driven by it? Are you pushing for success?

If it does, then you know how difficult it can be to access the right information easily and to best prioritise your time and spend – for yourself, your HR team and your organisation. 

The People Space is designed to help simplify the complexity,  enabling you to continually reinvent yourself and your team to deliver high impact, sustainable value in organisations where people flourish. 


The best networks challenge your thinking, share great content and help you develop and grow. The People Space Community is home to a community of incredibly progressive practitioners and thought leaders.

Karen Beaven

Award-winning HR director


Free Community

Join a supportive community of  leaders from organisations focused on achieving sustainable success through their people in the fast-changing world of work. Connect and live message in real time via desktop, mobile or iOS and Android apps. Post, share, and watch curated videos in our Resource Library. It's like 'LinkedIn' meets 'Facebook' for forward-thinking people and HR leaders!

In such a fast-moving world it is essential that professionals continually share and build their knowledge. The People Space provides the perfect environment.

David Frost

Organisational development director, Total Produce


Premium Content

All you  need to optimise yourself and your teamAccessible, easy to understand resources and courses to simplify digital HR and help you prioritise your time and budget and create modern ways of working. Workbooks, cheatsheets and videos on optimising yourself for the digital workplace. Premium access does not just give you a library of content but helps you advance your capabilities. 

The People Space's peer approach enables you to connect with strong people leaders and develop a network you can learn from, helping to make you a better leader

Eugenio Pirri

VP HR and chief culture officer, Dorchester Collection



My Business Impact

 A unique insight-based goal-achievement programme facilitated by professional psychologists with specialist experience in HR and people analytics to ensure YOU are Future Fit personally and professionally. Delivered through peer learning plus a personal Future Fit mentor in a small cohort of HR director-level practitioners.
Co-created with the group, you will generate more profit from your people while defining and creating your own development plan in a safe space.  Bespoke development at a very non-bespoke price!!


Personalised workshops

Come to a shared understanding of your priorities to deliver business success through our actionable, engaging and fun workshops that enable your team to develop skills and apply them quickly to real-world opportunities. Choose from three workshops or talk to us about tailoring a workshop to your particular team.

A message from our founder Siân Harrington

Do you feel overwhelmed? If you do, you're not alone. HR and learning and development professionals feel overwhelmed by stress at least once a month, according to research. 


You only have to look inside an HR leader's brain to see why. You have to deal with a complexity of issues today. You are always on. And yet the changing nature of work means you need to learn more all the time: more technologies, more working practices, more business models. Not only that, you need to unlearn so much of what got you to where you are today if you are to thrive in the future.


How do you do this when the pace of change is exponential? How can you get up to speed when you just don’t have time? Especially when there’s so much hype out there. Just Google ‘future of work’ – and then work your way through the 2,960,000,000 results! 

I get it! As an award-winning HR and business editor, company director and people leader, I’ve spent years trying to keep on top of the transformative changes in my sector. I've never known anything but a disruptive working world!

During this time I realised I could not help others grow if I didn’t grow myself, and thus began my passion for self-learning. I had to unlearn ‘the way things are always done’ and teach myself new tools and models to survive in the digital world. I had to decide what’s worth pursuing and what’s not. All while managing people and doing the day job. It was exhausting!

How great it would have been if I could have  easily accessed independent information and a trusted network to help me better understand the changes going on and to prioritise my time, choices and actions. That's what inspired us to build The People Space. To help you to shortcut the time and combat all the digital noise to get Digital Fast and to be future ready, professionally and personally. We remove the clutter and focus on the issues that matter – today and tomorrow. Think of us as your concierge for curiosity, context and connections!

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